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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of a website mostly depends on the web design and development. The older trends of web designs are no more in use and with the advancement in the technology and online marketing ideas, the trend of promoting the websites has also changed. Now web designers tend to craft a web design, which promotes and defines the business perspective of a company. These days most of the web designer and web developers focus on the functionality, versatility and user friendliness of the websites.

SEO is one of the latest web technologies. It is used to promote a website on the famous search engines. Websites with functionality flaws and design flaws needs necessary changes. A good designer always presents thumbnail images on the website and provides links to view the image in its actual size. The next most important thing is to create right links in the WebPages with the valid phrases. For example if a viewer wants to visit a specific page on the website then he will click on the hyperlinked text and if the page link is wrong than it will no doubt annoy the viewer. Thus it is very important that the website should properly support the SEO. On the other hand a user friendly and easily navigable websites are liked by the users and these two things also promote a website well. A simple, elegant and intelligently designed website can grab a lot of traffic instead of complex and high tech websites.

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